"The Witch" are short interactive fantasy stories exploring Lith's adventures. Whenever challenged by super-natural assignments, the young witch and alchemist leaves her cozy home in the forest of Widecombe.  She knows how to solve problems - but not always are potions a solution . . .

Lith finds her own way to tame a mythical beast.

Episodes so far:

  • Nymphomania - Lith accidentally drops into the secret life of forest nymphs.
  • Sisters - The witch's best friend needs her help in a delicate matter.
  • Hunt- A group of Witch hunters was sighted in Widecombe.
  • The Beast in Me - Lith finds her own way to tame a mythical beast.
  • The Conjurer's Lair - This time Lith catches up with a story from her past: Four student witches and wizards meet as a secret group to search for a mysterious conjurer. Who of them will you date?

Created with love, sex and Twine by pervventures.


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Nice, I have a question tho.

How do you re-read the story?

Refreshing didn't work btw.


Thanks for the notice! We fixed it.